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Advantages of Working with RNB Associates LLC

Avoid Risks in working with a Single Lender

By working with a single lender or bank you are putting all your eggs in one basket. The approval process can take a good deal of time and time is precious. By working with a broker such as us your loan application can be submitted to multiple lenders simultaneously.. This not only increases the chances that your loan will be approved, but it also gives you and your broker more bargaining power to get the best deal.

Locating a Lender

Due to the wide range of property types, loan types and special circumstances, a single lender simply cannot offer loan programs for all potential loans. You may waste a considerable amount of time simply trying to find a lender that offers the program you need. As your loan broker we have access to dozens of products and services, not just one or two a specific bank or lending institution may offer. This gives you flexibility and choice.


We have been in the lending space since 1989 and have closed thousands of loans and leases. Our team has a background in accounting, Financing and lending and we want to put that experience to work for you.

Manage Cost Variations between Lenders

There can be notable differences in the interest rates, costs and other fees charged from one lender to the next. A broker will help you in identifying the most reasonably priced options available from these different lenders.

Support Services

During the process and after closing your we will be there to answer any questions, assist in any issue and keep you in mind as your business and capital needs grow. We simply do not close your loan and go away. We are they for the long haul for you in any way you may need assistance.

Types of Services we offer

A man pointing to the words commercial loan on his finger.Commercial Term Loan

Long or short term. Good credit or bruised credit and can be used to obtain working capital, consolidate debt, etc.

A man is holding out his hand over money.Real estate loans

Commercial purchase or refinance loan. Long terms and good credit or bruised credit.  No Doc programs also available.

A man standing on top of a rope with a dollar sign.Short term real estate Bridge loans

Used for short term (2-3 year) bridge.

A wooden table topped with blocks that spell out sba loan.SBA Loans

Guaranteed by the federal government you can Obtain capital to pay off debt, consolidate, obtain working capital.   Typically a 10 year term at very low rates.

A red sign that says leasing on it.Leasing

Leasing can be used not only to lease some equipment or an item but we can use leasing as a financing tool for you as well, where in the end you OWN the item or equipment. It can be very effective. We can also do a “cash out†type lease with equipment you already own, using the power of that equity to obtain you working capital.

A pair of glasses and pen on top of a book.Accounts Receivable Or Inventory Financing

Just as the title implies, we use your AR or Inventory, or Inventory you wish to acquire as collateral for a line of credit or loan against it to obtain you working capital without waiting to collect or sell the goods. This allows you to capitalize the business to get to your end game of putting finished product out the door or collect your receivables, some of which could be longer term (up to 90 days as an example).

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